Sunday, January 9, 2022

RD & Friends 2021

 What a year 2021 was.  I started with thumb surgery and ended with "frozen shoulders".  But, in between, it was pretty darn good year with my fishies.  I was able to go all over the West and catch some amazing fish.  Great memories with special friends that make the adventure even more fun.  My bonus this year was getting out on the water with my two sons.  Seeing them with a fly rod, even though it might not be a regular thing, was super gratifying and special to me. Thanks for following along and sharing my passion of fly fishing.  =)


  1. Was that a small Brown Trout at 1:48 and again at 3:06? Always with you RD. Happy 2022.

    1. Hi Mark! Yes, I put those in especially for you blogger buddies. I do sometimes go to the high country in the summer and there are lots of smaller browns, bows, brookies, and tigers! Glad you enjoyed that find in there. Big fish can get kind of boring, I guess. Lol

  2. Emily
    Fishing with family and friends is special; looking forward to me great post from you in 2022---thanks for sharing

  3. Hi Bill! Yes, I need to post a little more in 2022. Hopefully, I can make that happen! Keep in touch. Email me when you know your plans to Idaho.