Monday, April 15, 2019

Did I Take A Dunk?

Oh, here I am!  Still recovering from the St. Croix River Dunk in February...  Well, not really.  I am not that crazy... And no, I am not following Howard's  pre-retirement cue just yet.  Besides February and March being very busy months with birthdays, out of town fishing trips, and actually not feeling well after those trips...  I am still standing upright.  And I think that I still can find a picture or two of what I have been doing since we got together last. 

I volunteered again for the World Cup Snowcross/Skicross Championships at Solitude Resort in February.  

There was a girl's float trip down the Green River 
in Utah at the beginning of March.  Brrrrr...

Bought a Tens Unit to help provide stimulation for my plantar fisciitis that has gotten worse with all the river rocks I trample over each week.  Hoping the pain will be healed finally.

I've been  playing with lots of polar chenille.

To catch some nice trout on streamers...

And there has been a bit of grandson time the
 past couple of months.  

And of course more time was spent in some of my favorite places with friends who are helping me improve on my techniques and casting skills.   Thanks, guys!

So, you can see that I have been dunking into a few things, but I still managed to take a breath in between.   Pretty good for the winter months, huh? 

Oh, did I mention that there was the annual "Three Amigo" trip at the end of March?  More about that next time.  



  1. Aaaah, Wow. Glad you survived February and March. Those are some good looking Grand-kids. I knew you had boys that went on a mission, but didn't realize you were at the Grand-Ma stage yet. I guess a belated congratulations is in order. You've got to be proud of them.

  2. Mark - Yes, I have been doing the Grandma thing for 7 yrs now! This is my oldest daughter's boys. Then, my youngest son has a 1 1/2 yr old. Time flies... Soon, I will be in a nursing home. Heh.

    1. If they don't let you fish from the nursing home, let me know and I'll come rescue you.

  3. Emily
    What a way to spend all that spare time---we all love those grandchildren!!! Thanks for sharing

    1. Bill - It was... But, I'm a little drained. You will see why in my next post. There was one more trip... =)