Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Canadian Rockies Adventure ~ Part 1

For my birthday at the end of August, I flew to Canada.  It's been a dream fly fishing destination for the last five years or so.  I figured that I'm not getting any younger and so I should just do it.  I have taken road trips for my last few birthdays.  It's my way of running away from age.  Yeah, I know.  I still get older.  But, it is more fun when you can be on the water and catching a birthday fish!  

I met up with some new friends that I made over Instagram.  Social media introduced me to a new friend and fishing buddy, Angie, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Getting there was the toughest part of the trip.  A 14 hour delay at the airport included me actually going back home and catching a morning flight.  Some kind of mechanical failure (a broken arm rest) from the airplane that was supposed to come in for us.  But, I got back a third of my airfare from the circus of delays that night and for the inconvenience of coming back.  I also tagged on an extra day with a phone call to my boss at work for the lost day.  (And it actually let me fish an extra day... hahahaha) The flight delay was a blessing!  Now I can go back to Canada next summer with my flight discount.  Well, if they will have me. Hahahahaha

From the beginning, I knew we would have a great time, whether or not we caught any fish.  Angie was the nicest and was so willing to make my trip awesome in every way.  Taking a cnance on a stranger staying in your home for a few days is quite hospitable.  In this case, I believe that we became life long friends.  I can't wait to show them my local waters and get them into fish in the states!  Joe was the master chef during my time there.  Wow.  Every night that we came home from fishing all day, there he was cooking up a storm in the kitchen!  Each entree was delicious!  So spoiled...

So, the Bow River, several other rivers in high country, and Banff Natl. Park were on the list of things to do.  I wanted to see two of the more popular lakes in the Park.  Lake Louise and Lake Moraine are beautiful!  More on that later.  So, we got Angie's drift boat out on the Bow and I caught my first Canadian fish.  Of course it was a brown trout!  So exciting!  =)

Angie took me to a couple of other rivers in the mountains that had Westslope Cutthroat and Bull Trout.  Yeah, we were quite excited to see a bullie chasing the cuttie on my line as I reeled it in.  But, he backed off and I didn't get to catch both!  Haha.  We only saw two bullies down under so another reason that I must go back.  =)  But, the Westslopes were quite beautiful and the scenery wasn't bad either!  The weather... Well, if you like a drop of 20 degrees in one day and a sleet and hail storm... Then, you should have been with us!  

August 24th

Unbelievable... Angie said that it was epic hopper fishing just a week before.  The Bow River dropped in CFS the day before I got there and the weather got colder than usual for the end of August.  When we got to the mountains, it was 38 degrees.  But, we still caught fish and had an epic trip.  I just got out my Patagonia puffy jacket and went back to my favorite nymph fishing and all was well.  I did catch a few on dries.

O Canada!!!
Maybe July next year???

My first Westslope Cutthroat and on a dry.

Angie caught this beauty!

All in all, the first two days went well.  And when we came home, food was hot and ready.  Well, of course it was.  We had Joe!  Thank you so much, buddy.  These new friends are something else.  I love Canada.  Wouldn't you???

Well, on Instagram that night, Angie put up a post about our day...

An awesome privelege to fish with me?  Haha.  No, I think it was the other way around...

Part 2 in a couple of days.  My birthday fish is caught and we do a tourist day to Banff.  Oh, and a special video has to be made.  So glad that I bought a new phone before the trip... 
You will see why.  See you soon!




  1. Well, you made it. Good for you. Fishing in Canada is great and something you'll never forget. I've still got pictures from my two trips many years ago. I'm looking forward to part 2 and the video.

    1. Howard ~ Thanks for stopping by! I miss Canada. It's gonna be a long year. What a beautiful place!

  2. Got to love those Canadians. Great sense of humor. My cousin in Winnipeg: 11 below is a bit annoying....... Looking forward to the next installment.

    1. Mark - Angie was so annoyed with the plunge of temp! So funny. It was unusual to say the least, but we survived! What a great place to visit, despite the cold temps.

  3. Emily
    What a way to celebrate one's birthday, and meet new fly fishing friends. Enjoy every fishing trip to its limit because the years creep up on you fast, keep living your dream!!! Thanks for sharing

    1. Bill - They are creeping faster than I would like to admit! Why I'm out there going to the places that are on the list. My son added an adventure for me in Nov. Not on the list. More about that later... :)