Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Tiger Adventure

This month has been quite the adventure.  A couple trips to the jungle to find tiger trout.  It has been a fun journey to catch these unusual fish.  The tiger trout is a sterile, intergeneric hybrid of the female brown trout and male brook trout.  Tigers are a beautiful fish and when they mature in lakes, can become very large.  Their contorted stripes like a tiger make them unique.  I have fished a certain lake many times, but have always caught the cutthroats in it instead.  Well, I had a tug on my line that just seemed a bit too strong for a cutthroat.   Hello, Mr. Tiger!!

Oh wait!  I didn't hook that guy!  Hahahahaha
This one...

My friend, Whitney, had the winner of this day.
A 24 in beauty!

And Rebeca had fish after fish...  We lost count.

What a most awesome group of friends to fish with...  
And something new was added to my adventures.

The traveling vise!  Haha.  So, after one of the guys started hooking up on a certain bug, I got out the vise at lunchtime...  


More tigers and more beautiful Colorado cutthroats...

So many fun pictures from this trip...  So, enjoy the vid!


  1. It would be my guess that the certain lake you have fished many times would qualify as the "Secret Lake". Hopefully it's not like my "Secret Lake" that EVERYBODY knows about. One would want to keep a lake with those kind of fish, really secret.

  2. Emily
    You've really got to be dedicated to fly fishing when one brings their tying vice along.
    Was the midge the king pattern that got all the attention----Awesome trout landed, enjoyed the show!! Thanks for sharing

    1. Bill - Either dedicated or... Well, let's just say I had a feeling that I should bring it and it paid off! The winner was a simple black midge with a bit of tinsel on top! Black zebras worked also. Pretty easy stuff... Hooray!!

  3. Okay River Damsel, I'm still here. Those are some really gorgeous fish! I'll let you blindfold me if you take me there. Terms are negotiable, but no rough stuff. ;)

    1. Howard - My heart is calm now. Need you to support this crippled blog of mine! Lol. I will take you to all the best water if only you will make the trip! Cheap flights!!! =)

  4. This post is rather annoying. Only because I wasn't there.