Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Skating Rink Adventure

As many fly fishermen wait for the Spring, I am out fishing in the coldest of temperatures.  Give me three or four hand warmers.  One for each glove and one or two under my hat.  You see, winter is a special time of the year.  No crowds for the most part and big fish that eat streamers.  I love it all, but there is always a chance that there could be a slip and fall.  So, you have to be careful on that skating rink!

And I am sure grateful that I have my Patagonia Foot Trackers this winter... 

They have definitely been my most favorite pair of wading boots.  Yes, they are on the high end in price.  But, I believe that I will get every dollar spent out of them.  I will have the improved balance that I need on rocky river beds and on big boulders to hike over.  I've already tested them on some of the most difficult rivers to walk and climb around. 

I'm sure glad that I had them in toe the last two weekends.  It was time for a little bit of streamer fishing.  Something that I haven't done a lot of.  But, I was going with some friends and felt a bit more comfortable tossing these hooks with fur and feathers attached to them.

  It was the first time that I have gone non-stop with streamers on my line the whole day.  And it was fun!  When the fish take that piece of meat at the end of the hook... There is little chance of them coming off of it.  But, if your knot isn't quite tight enough... yeah, you might as well say goodbye.  Fortunately, none of that happened.  I was given some good fights and netted some beautiful rainbows and one cutthroat.  I was way pleased about the cuttie, as I don't catch that species very often.

A cutthroat that wants to look like a steelhead.  Ha!

But, I loved the rainbows too.  Nice and fat.  Healthy fish.

My new buddy, Gerald, and one of his prizes... This guy can fish!  He walks the river faster than anyone that I have seen...  He catches a few, and off he goes to harrass some more fish in the next hole.  Lol.

And Cody's hook jaw rainbow took a big meal!  Cody has fished with me before 
and is a great river buddy.

We all had some great fish.  But, as always... 
The trip is better when you have friends to tag along.

Thanks guys, for a great outing...

When you catch fish... You don't remember how frozen you were.  Ha! 
 I will go skating for fish anytime!  


  1. Hi Emily. Wow, hand warmers under your hat. What a concept, especially for those of us that don't have any hair under our hat. Glad to see you out and about.

    1. Haha. I put the hand warmer between my two hats. Not directly on my head. :)

  2. What can I say Em, except you are hardcore.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Richard! They truly grip to the big rocks like no other boot I've had. Thanks for stopping by... = )

  4. RD
    We have been missing you, glad you are back showing all of us how to land some monster trout. The frigid weather you guys were fishing in is a bit over the top for me, but I love to read about the adventures of a trip like this. Thanks for taking all of us along

    1. Hi Bill! The monsters have taken over my attention lately, I'm afraid! I love fishing in the winter. I layer up and it's really not that bad. It beats the summer heat for sure! I appreciate you following along. You've been a great blog buddy. =)

  5. Looks like a great outing to me :)

    1. It surely was. The winter months of fishing with virtually no one near are behind us now... Now, the fair weather fishermen come out in numbers!! Haha. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Emily, you've surely had great time at the skating rink adventure. The Patagonia Foot Tracker is indeed a good shoe to get good grip on the ground. Also that fish you've got is a big one.