Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Home Water Adventure

So, here we are in the middle of summer.  Those days of great hatches on the lakes and rivers.  And the heat that brings a few of the fish down into the depths of the water at mid day.  Yes, it is that time that we venture out early morning and late afternoon to fish.  Well, most of the time we do, except when there is a fly fishing retreat coming to town.   There was one such event here in Utah just recently.  And I was privileged to be a part of it.

Eight women from the states of NV, WY, OR, MT, WA and UT.  Can you say, "Diversity"?  Yes, we were from all over the West and we were from all different walks of life.  But, we met through a Facebook group, Trout Porn, and became friends over the past few years.

And now it was time to gather together for a few days on some spectacular lakes and rivers and enjoy time together.  We expected a great time and we most definitely got it. I was a little bit involved with selecting the places to fish with my friend Cheris and helping them on the water.  (I found out later they didn't need any help!  Ha!)  All these fly fishing ladies had talent and skills for sure. 

 There is no doubt that I was fishing with some of the most skilled fly fishing women in the West.  And I was fortunate that Tracy and Heather stayed with me before the event.  Don't know what possessed them to redo my fly boxes, but it was very much appreciated!  =)  Come back anytime, ladies!  

We had fun as we compared notes on leader set up, fly selection and reading the water.   As we dissected the river and figured out what the fish were eating, game on.   The rivers had raised a bit before everyone came out, but we could still fish them and be very productive.  A lot of smiles.  A lot of laughs.  We were together and enjoying our new "offline" friendships.  It was so interesting to me how many common threads you have with other people that love the outdoor lifestyle.  This group was amazing.  There was so much camaraderie between us and no jealousy or any of that childish stuff.  How refreshing! 

Helping each other and rooting each other on, created strong friendships.  Caring more for the other person more than yourself and making sure that person had a fun day was foremost.  

I found out that inviting three nurses can be very helpful in case of a mini-heatstroke. (The cold water running down my back felt great!)  Electrolytes became my friend.  And you can bet your sweet bippy that I will remember to stay hydrated from this point on... and get more rest!

Cheris, our planner of the event, really went all out for us in providing accomodations, flies, photography and just her time.  She was always encouraging and helpful on the water and had many useful tips for those that were visiting Utah for the first time.  She truly wanted each person to have the best trip possible.  Mission accomplished.

Many fish were caught.  Browns, Rainbows, Tigers, and Cutthroats were in the mix. 
 How could you not have a good time?


By the end of the event, we had learned a lot from this time together.  We learned that women that have the same passion for fly fishing can enjoy being together without all the drama.  I guess you can call it being "focused" on what is important.  We were there to catch, release, breathe, and laugh.  Oh, and to take pictures!  Of course!!  There was no time for intimidation.  Because the person that maybe knew more than you was right there netting your fish.

 I learned how to apply a few makeup tips from my roomies too... Now, that's a bonus to come home with some new beauty secrets!  = )  

But the one thing we learned for sure... What restaurant not to go back to next year!  Have you ever heard of a Mexican restaurant running out of rice?

It wasn't a favorite moment of the trip... haha  But, it's now the joke that we all laugh about.

All in all, it was a marvelous time.  We went home with many memories about our three days together.  We created a bond for a life long friendship.  The fish were amazing, but I think that all of us will all agree that this trip wasn't about the fish.  And really... how often is it?

Enjoy the slideshow...


  1. What, no one from California? Everything was good right up to the fish kissing shot. No fish kissing out here. Glad you guys had such a great time.

    1. Mark ~ I don't know if I can get those girls to stop kissing the fish. Well, don't worry... I don't kiss fish. Unless they are like 26 in!!! Haha.

  2. I humbly bow my head in awe for all of you beautiful ladies who had such a great time and enjoyed fly fishing and friendship making to the max. For all of us guys out there in blogger land, move it on over, these ladies got it going on!

    1. Mel ~ The ladies did a great job and I was sooo impressed with all of them. A fun bunch to hang out with for a few days.

  3. RD
    What a great get together, for some fantastic trout fishing, as usual the trout were quality, and the food as well from the looks of the images. Thanks for sharing

    1. Bill - This was one of my favorite events... The girls were top notch and skilled anglers to boot. We sure did have a good time!

    2. Bill - This was one of my favorite events... The girls were top notch and skilled anglers to boot. We sure did have a good time!