Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ode To The Thin Mint

Pass the Thin Mints please...  No, No, No...  Not those!

What I'm wanting are more of these...
The Thin Mint Wooly Bugger

You see, I took the two that were sent to me from my friend Mark, over at Northern California Trout... and went out on an adventure.

He had a post about the Thin Mint Wooly Bugger.   I asked him about them and wanted to tie some up.  His recipe for them is in the post.   He was so nice to send me a couple of Thin Mints, along with his book.  I don't know too many authors.  =)   

So, we headed to the river recently, with the Thin Mints in tow.   I was throwing small midges and sow bugs for the first little while.  The fish were in there.  I knew they were.  But, no bites as of yet. Then, it dawned on me, that I should try the Thin Mint as an attractor and see if they would take the Thin Mint or maybe finally take the midge dropper.  

One Thin Mint...

Two Thin Mints...

Yeah, you get the picture...

Then, all of a sudden, I was hitting on the midges underneath the Thin Mint.  A great attractor pattern too!  Ok.  So, I moved downstream and put my hat on right (realized that I looked like a dork the way I was wearing my double layer hats!  Haha.  

And the fish didn't really care how I wore my hats... They just wanted that Thin Mint to be on my line.  And some very good outings since... Thanks, Mark!  

I have the materials now and we will make up a batch.
Oh, did I have to say that word???  Now I want some Thin Mint cookies.  Well, I only have this recipe...

Hook - TMC 5262 or 5263 Size 10 or 12Thread - Black 6/0Tail - Maribou in Black/Rust/Olive in that order, top to bottomFlash - FlashabouRib - Wrapped first with copper wire and then with FlashabouBody - Black Crystal Chenille, regular black would probably do.
Hackle - Rust Saddle HackleBead - Tungsten 5/32 Gold

Good luck!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks buddy! I sure had fun with the bugs and the book was a great read!

  2. Looks like both thin mints were a hit! Beautiful fish! Love the blog!

  3. Hey, if you plug in Colorado or Poudre in that little search box, you will see that I fish Colorado quite often! Thanks for reading...

  4. Yeah, Mark saves the day. Now, about those thin mints...

    1. Howard ~ The girl scouts are loading up those boxes into mini vans as we speak...

  5. Emily
    Isn't it good to know all these fly fishing bloggers------thanks for sharing

  6. Bill ~ I'm looking forward to meeting Mark maybe as soon as this summer. Hoping to go to the Sacramento area this summer. It's been a fun few years corresponding and meeting my fly fishing bloggers!

  7. Thanks for keeping it going, all of it. Another friend, DTJ. :-)

    1. Hey bud, I'm still here. Barely on the blog these days... But, check in from time to time! Good to hear from you...