Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Night Lights - Damsel Style

We bring back "Friday Night Lights"...  I think that it was last year when I wrote up one of these.   A little round up of what is going on around the blog circuit.  Well, first of all, Howard's lights over @ Windknots & Tangled Lines, blacked out.  For just a minute or two.  Something about a ceiling fan and a fly rod in his hand connecting before the "hit" to the floor.  All is well with Howard, but not the rod.

Alan, over @ Small Stream Reflections is doing what he does best... Catching wild brookies on the front line.   I believe that there is no prettier of a place than where he lives.  New England... the land of majestic color in leaves and fish.

We've got Mark over @ Northern California Trout finding all kinds of beautiful lakes to throw a line in.  Here is the Upper Blue Lake, out by Lake Tahoe, NV.  Lucky dog.  I loved that area when I lived out there.  It must be an epidemic though.  He broke a rod too... Fishing with or without ceiling fans is a tough job, folks!!!

We have Mike... errr, his guide @ Troutrageous! teaching Mike to stand and fish from a kayak.  Now, he says that he can do it, but there isn't any proof...yet.   I'm sure it will be posted sometime in the near future.  His wife is such a sweetie and knew his desire to get better at this new thing called "salt water fishing"  and presented him with a guided trip to learn some new skills...

And the last blogger to put under the Friday Night Lights is none other than Kirk @ Unaccomplished Angler.   He seems to be leaning a new skill as well.  Fishing on a John Deere and catching "lawn trout".  Ok,  Some people's kids.  

Have a great weekend my friends!  It's time to turn the lights off around here...


  1. Speaking of rashes, I broke my Sage Rod about 2 weeks ago, already received by the repair department, I bet I will not see it for a month! They always do their best to please.

  2. Thanks for the shout out Emily. California would love to have you back.

  3. And I thank you as well Emily. I don't mind trashing a beat up rod. Never have broken a usable one.

  4. Thanks Emily.
    Signing out from "Brookie Central".