Sunday, June 8, 2014

Twitching Mastery, Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

The fun part of fly fishing is that there are numerous ways to catch a fish.  Dry fly or nymphing or swinging that soft hackle or streamer.  But, is it possible to combine styles?  Maybe...  Let me explain.  I recently went fishing with a couple of new friends through a TU group.  This father and son have fished pretty much all their lives.  And it shows.  I have fished with Jeremy, the son.  He is also an accomplished fly tier.  But, his high esteem for his father's fly fishing has had me quite intrigued, because it is something a little bit different.  A bit unorthodox... So, one day, I met up with him and his father, John.   I was having a difficult time believing that you could catch a fish using a dry fly stimulator as a nymph and TWITCHING it!  

We all know that stimulator flies are one of the great dry fly attractors.  They can be used as a salmonfly imitator or a large caddis.  The stimulator can also be used as a strike indicator while nymphing.  But, what about fishing it as a nymph?  Underwater...  That is exactly what John does.  He would rather twitch than switch!  His usual set up is putting the stimulator on as the top fly and following it with a small nymph (which was a tiny scud like bug this day)  And adding weight.  It would be the motion or the twitch that would help this attractor wiggle under the current.  Fish like nothing better than chasing a buggy meal, so the motion of the twitch is what he has mastered.  Kind of like fishing a stimulator as a streamer without the swing.  It is a strange thing to watch.  But, it works for him.  And in huge numbers...

John holding the result of a little twitching of line...

Jeremy with his usual trophy catch...

And well... me just getting plain lucky!!!

It was a real treat watching and learning from these two on the river.  I know that I definitely picked up a few new things to add to my knowledge of doing the small things... maybe even a little twitch.

~Sunday Tippet~

The more that I go fishing with others, the more I learn.  There is always room for "tweaking" or "twitching" the style of fishing that you use on the water.  Mine is far from perfect.  But, thinking outside the box a little, does make it fun.  Even if it is just to try something a little different to see if it works!!

Get out there and enjoy your week...


  1. Wow, interesting concept. Might have to give that a try.

  2. What's not to like? I love Stimulators, tying and fishing, I just learned something new and I always like a little twerking.

  3. Now I have to try it...I would have never thought of it.

  4. RD
    I think the majority of us who love fly fishing would rather see the fly go under, set the hook and the fight is on; but that only happens less than 10% of the time. As you stated in your post fly fishing is a learning process and this stimulator technique you mentioned is another method I will have to use. Who would have thought using the stimulator as basically a wet fly. Thanks for sharing

  5. That's an impressive and different approach. I'd like to try that one on my next trip. Kudos! Keep on fishing!