Friday, December 27, 2013

A River Damsel Christmas

So, another Christmas Day has come and gone. Hoping that all of you wonderful readers had a special day.  It's been clear skies and a bit warmer, but with all of the festivities with friends and family, I didn't even think about the river on Christmas.  Ok... I have to admit it, I did go out for a little Christmas Eve fishing...

A few browns and a few rainbows, while in my Santa hat and we called it good.  I only had a couple of hours before I had to head home and prepare for the crowd the next day.

Then, I  put out a little Christmas card for my Facebook page...

Christmas Day was a day for sitting back and being grateful for what I have. Sometimes when our day to day life gets so cluttered with work and lack of sleep, we don't appreciate all that we have.  So today was a day of contemplation.

First thing in the morning, the monkey bread (cinnamon pull-aparts) was put in the oven.  Then, the traditional Christmas breakfast at our house with the devouring of the hashbrowns, sausage, and egg casserole.  And for me, blueberry pancakes which are my favorite!  After that was all cleaned up, we headed to the computer for a Skype visit with our son, Ryan, who is on a church mission in Arizona.

Yeah, a happy mom, as we only get to talk to him on Christmas and Mother's Day.  A great hour and a half.  So, what did I get for Christmas, you ask?

Well, my family knows me well...

Daughter Diane, thinking that some "fishy" earrings would be appropriate.  Ha.

Then, I turned on Facebook and found out that a dear, blogging buddy and friend was in the hospital.  Howard has not been feeling just right for a couple of years now.  And he is a guy, you know... and guys tend to pass off health things.  Well, he just got to the ER in time.  They performed heart bypass surgery and I'm sure he isn't quite himself yet to be teasing the nurses and using that wit and charm... haha.  So, my thoughts and prayers have been in that direction for a few days...  And in a few more days,  I will direct my prayers for the nurses.  = )

The day after Christmas brought me to a river of my beloved brown trout.

I just love those black, brown, and red spots...

So, that is my Christmas vacation week...
And this bunny was the only house guest that didn't  make a "peep"... = )

Hope you and your families have a wonderful holiday season!



  1. Thanks for sharing your Damsel Christmas with us all. Stay active during the upcoming Holiday and happy hook ups are coming your way in 2014. Thanks for keeping Howard in your thoughts.

  2. RD
    Glad you and the family were able to spend time together for the holiday, and for you to land some nice browns as an added Christmas present. Those browns here would be called monsters. Thanks for sharing

  3. Sorry to hear about Howard's illness. Hope he is better than ever after the surgery!!

  4. I'm trying out this thing- how you say- commenting. It looks like you have been catching some awesome fish. Keep it up!