Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"Searching For The Great Pumpkin" Adventure

So, how does the story go...???   Linus goes out to a pumpkin patch every year looking for the Great Pumpkin to appear...  One of the quotes from the story is:  "There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people:  Religion, Politics, and the Great Pumpkin."  Yeah, he never does meet up with the Great Pumpkin...

Did anyone ever tell him that he might have been looking in the wrong pumpkin patch?   Hmmmm...

The reason that I bring this up is because I just went on a little trip to Colorado where we fished on "Pumpkin" River.   Could it be that the Great Pumpkin appears right on that very river that we were fishing?  Well, we were a little early for the potential Halloween sighting, but there were plenty of Great Fish to be had... so, it was all good.

Well, three friends decided to journey from Utah to Colorado to seek trout... Rainbows, browns and cutthroats... 

As we journeyed up the canyon to our fishing destination, we saw many orange, squashy looking balls placed here and there.  In fact, they were in the funniest places!  They found their homes on rocks, fences, branches and even cliffs!  Even in frying pans... hmmm

It was a fun greeting.   Maybe this could be the stage for the Great Pumpkin in another week?  We got to our battleground and loaded up our gear to see what we could find.  Now, I'm really not a quick catcher most of the time...  But, on my tenth cast or so, I landed my "Fish Of The Trip"...

Ok... End of story...  Ha!  Just kidding.
For me, whatever I would find after this beauty, would be just gravy.
My first ever cutbow.  I love this gorgeous fish.

Then, Kevin hooked up with a nice Mr. Brown trout,..

And Jeri got herself a feisty rainbow!

It was a quick couple of hours on the water as we traveled for half of the day and stopped at the fly shop on the way in.  But a great start, don't you think so???  = )

Yes, I had rainbow dreams that night.

The next couple of days would bring more sightings of pumpkins, great and small.  And more fish great and not so small... Just beautiful, vibrant colored fish.  We would find great runs, pools and yes,,,.
Hungry fish.

This brownies liked my size 20 purple passion nymph.

Kev was just having too good of a time!  Haha

The beauty that surrounds "Pumpkin" River is like a piece of heaven.

Bet you aren't surprised that we took about 500 photos between the three of us.

Jeri catches... yes, literally catches her Big Fish!
And is a very happy lady...

Job well done.

Kevin will never doubt any of my fishing destinations... He was amazed.

We found a new fishing buddy named Dagoberto...  He later turns out to be my stand-in photographer.  Haha.  Cool guy that didn't mind sharing some knowledge of his home waters.

A nice bend with my 5 wt on this bow. 

Even though this rainbow was my largest to date at almost 24".,.. he couldn't be my favorite of the trip.  My bright and colorful first fish and my first cutbow ever, will stay in my memory for a very long time.  

But, this guy was a chunky feller... no doubt about that.

Well, after a couple of epic days on the water, it was finally time to say goodbye to one of the most beautiful canyons that I have ever been to.  Yes, this was a repeat trip for me.  And it won't be the last.  For "Pumpkin" River will always be in my heart.

Not just for the beauty of the fish that live there.  Not just for the beauty of the trees and red rock.  Not just for the best food in neighboring towns (Can you say "BEST ITALIAN FOOD THIS SIDE OF ITALY"??).  But, for the great times with friends who share the same passion of fly fishing that I do.  For I have some memories that can never be replaced.  Even if the Great Pumpkin does show up...

It has been a tradition on this river for many years to count how many pumpkins someone (or more than one) have placed strategically around the river and canyon road...(about 15 mi.)  No one knows who does it.  But, it is a fun tradition before Halloween each year.  Who knows?  It could be the Great Pumpkin himself!!!  
 = )


  1. So this is what we missed when we couldn't make the invite! To say we certainly made the wrong decision is self evident after reading this post and looking at all the beautiful trout from "Pumpkin River". My gosh, those are some incredible fish. What do you do after you catch a really large fish? Keep Fishing!

  2. Uncle Mel ~ I most definitely missed you coming, but we will try again next Spring. Somehow, I need to get you off those ponds long enough to catch a river trout again! = )

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Ben! I appreciate you sending me such a lucky hat... = )

  4. Love the color on those Bow's. I think the pumpkin thing is a great way to celebrate Halloween. Unique stuff like that is soooooo cool.

    1. Mark ~ And best of all, it gave me a great story to write about! Hahahaha. The deer and other furry friends must have a great time with it too later on...

  5. RD
    I would think I had died and gone to trout heaven if I landed some of those monsters. The Cutthroat should be dry mounted; you may never land a Cutthroat that large ever again. The colors alone would be worth the mount. Thanks for sharing a fantastic trip!!!

    1. Bill ~ You should have seen my expression when I first saw that cutbow swimming towards me and finally ending up in the net! Lol. Words cannot describe... Ok. STOKED!!!! A replica will have to be made sometime for sure...

  6. Looks like you had a good trip kiddo! I think we can now take the famed Toilet Bowl and rename the stretch to Damsel's Run......

    1. Rod ~ My friends will never doubt my destination choices for sure! They had such an awesome time there. We hit Baetis Bridge also and fished from halfway up the canyon up to the dam. It was a great weekend...And one of the most scenic times of the year to boot! Great timing too, as they did a fish count on the day that we pulled out and dropped the water down by half... Living right, I guess! = )

    2. Everyone, check out my facebook page... The River Damsel... https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-River-Damsel/147926121929508 Don't know if that link will work or not. Anyways, I am in a big fish contest over Thanksgiving... How do I get myself into these things??? = )

  7. Wow, what a beautiful place to fish. It's pretty impressive that someone took the time to put pumpkins everywhere. It look like the River Damsel needs a new nickname...like big fish stalker. Nice job.

    1. Howard - You flatter me way too much. = ) Thanks for the kind words. Hope to see you out there next Spring! I'm heading back!

  8. Very unique content, I enjoyed it reading, the place of pumpkins and fish. Great place to visit with friends. Thanks for sharing your happiness with us.

  9. Absolutely stunning: those are some high quality fish. Congratulations.

  10. And if memory serves me correct, I think I recognize the "pumpkin" river. Beautiful place.