Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Two weeks later... I'm bushwacked.
Yes, as in tired... The River Damsel, tired?   Hard to believe, I know.  But, sometimes I need to learn how to slow down and not run, run, run...  Exhaustion has set in.  Yes, I need to listen to Howard more.  He just might have something there about taking things at a slower pace and even reading a good book from time to time.  It just might be the relaxation that I need!   Well, let me get you up to speed on what I have been doing 
the last couple of weeks.

Letting great catches flop out of my net and over my arm and well... yeah.

Finding a huge brown trout at the end of the day in shallow water.


 Sharing the banks with Kirk Werner's runaways...

Talking to "Mr. Ed" about River Public Access rights...

Attending the Heber Valley Fly Fishing Festival and saying hello to my buddy, Brian Schiele.   Yes, that would be his new book, "Trout Dreams", which even has a photo of  RD!  How about that???

Overseeing the yard clean-up which brought in a troop of about a dozen neighbors giving their time to be true "BUSHWACKERS"!!!  Love my neighbors! They are the BEST!

Who dislikes junipers as much 
as I do?  Trees trimmed, undergrowth removed, bushes and hedges cut back.  

Next matter of business...

Preparing a luncheon for two waves of friends and family following our church services...  Just around 150 or so...

You see...my son, Ryan, is leaving for two years on a church mission... 

Oh, this is just the line to the front door.  Heehee.  Yes, his parents couldn't be prouder of this fine, young man.  He loves God, family, and friends.  And it's pretty evident that they love him back... He will serve well.

So, if I have been missing for a little while, you will have to 
give me a hall pass this time around...

No rest for the weary.
Until next week, after I get all teary.


  1. Rest up River Damsel. Here's a little fishing metaphor for you - (I just watched "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs)- One can't fish very well with an empty fly box. Time must be taken to refill your box so that you have something to give. Besides, I'm sure there are a few trout who would appreciate a little reprieve from your hooks. They too need rest. So rest up and then you can go back out there refreshed, armed with a full fly box (and if you can't fit all those flies in your box I will be happy to offer my empty one to catch the extras ;). Okay, it's way past my bedtime. ~ Mayflygal ~ over and out

  2. Mayflygal ~ You have hit the nail on the head.

  3. Best place for Junipers is in the dump. Rest, recover, and once you get Ryan off on his mission, back to fishing and writing. He is a fine looking young man, you've done well.

    1. Mark ~. I couldn't agree with you more. Someday those Junipers will be missing! Thanks for the comment... =)

  4. I take no pleasure in being right even though it happens so infrequently. Bask in the glow of Ryan's accomplishments...that will recharge your batteries.

    1. Howard ~ Being older and wiser come in handy once in awhile. I'm getting there! Ryan could have gone anywhere in the world and lands in Scottsdale, AZ. Amidst the tears next week, will be a heart full of joy.

  5. You need to throw that how listening to Howard thing in your son's suit case and make sure he leaves it where ever it is that he is going. Love ya, Howard but that stuff's for the birds!

    Keep on getting out there and living life to it's fullest for as long as you can, RD! Save the books for the times when you can't live the stories you read about instead.

    1. Nick ~ I'm sure as soon as I am rested, I will be off on another adventure. I'm not quite as old as Howard... heehee. Count the days...

  6. A very nice buffet there.
    Rest, fishing is just around the corner, I mean bend.