Friday, December 30, 2011

RD's 2011...In Retrospect

When I put up my "Damsel 2011" tab last year...I thought that I would do pretty well accomplishing half of what I wanted to do in 2011.  Well, out of the ten items on my wish list, I did seven of them!  So, I would say that is pretty darn good!

1.  Attend the OBN Convention and meet all of those that I have blogged with.  Also, fish with a few of my buddies from OBN during that week! Or...because the OBN postponed...Create the Rocky Mtn. Frenzy and meet CO. bloggers! done

2.  Go Steelhead fishing with my new rod and Rebecca in March... ;)  done on both accounts!
3.  Back to River X to catch more MONSTER Brown Trout!!!   done
4.  Fish Montana in the Fall...The Madison and The Gallitin. 2012

5.  Tie flies (including Czech nymphs) with Rod aka:  The Midgeman. Had lunch and a fly casting lesson instead!  It was an incredible meeting
6.  Fish Idaho...Henry's Fork and Henry's Lake. That's ok...did that last year.
7.  Prove to myself that I can have one fishing expedition without "oddities"! Hadone, unless you call fishing with  cardboard "Kirk Werner" something unusual...
8.  Fish the South Fork of the Snake with a guide named Mel...??? 2012 : )
9.  Catch one Whitefish, just for the H*#! of it!! done. no story...
10.This is for next year...but why not start thinking about it...go fishing in GA!!!! :) DONE!!! Moved up this trip to GA,NC,&TN...Awesome video if you click here!

Yes, 2011 was quite a year in "fishing terms"...I journeyed out to meet and fish with fellow bloggers this past year that gave me memories of a lifetime.  It was an unbelievable year...full of new friendships, new territories to fish, and many miles traveled.  But, that is what The River Damsel likes to do.  I just have a little bit of  "trout bum" in me...The best way to describe this year would be by just posting my favorite trip here you go.  And in a few days, I will be announcing my new 2012 resolutions fishing wish list!


Lots of "Cardboard Friends" tagging along...(not wanting to be left out!)

And Lots of "Little FISHY Friends" finding my net...


But, BEST of all...meeting some of the most incredible people in the fly fishing world of bloggers...

Wow...I'm afraid that was just my out of state fishing trips!  And to think that I probably fished about 70 more times on my local waters... ; )  As you can see, 2011 was a mighty fine year... Thanks to all of those that hosted The River Damsel on some great adventures!  Where to next???


  1. Seven out of ten, well done RD.
    Your photo recap of 2011 was enjoyable.
    Thanks, and Happy New Year

  2. Nice little synopsis of your year! I enjoyed almost all of know what I mean.

  3. great job! I enjoyed looking at the photos you've posted through the year. Here's to a great 2012!

  4. You've certainly been a busy girl. Well stop and take a breath, you can start again Monday. Happy New Year.


  5. And many more in 2012.
    Happy New Year, RD!

  6. Brk Trt ~ I appreciate you following along this past year! Thanks and a Happy New Year to you also!

  7. My Dear Howard ~ You are a gem. I truly mean that. I'm glad we had the opportunity to meet this past Fall. Stay healthy for the Spring!! ; )

  8. D Nash ~ It was indeed a very fun adventure. But, the trips wouldn't have been as much fun if I didn't have an opportunity to write about them when I got back! Happy New Year...may 2012 bring you many tight lines!

  9. Mark ~ Funny that you say that! I don't know what a breath is sometimes! My last outing with a great group of fishermen is on Saturday...Utah Fly Fishing Club is having a New Year's Eve day trip to the Provo River. So, here we go again!!

  10. Larry aka: FFC ~ It was a great time in Colorado. Glad that we finally met up and had time to chat. Have a great 2012 and I know that we will be seeing you again on the water!

  11. It's pretty amazing when you look back isn't it. I never realize all the stuff I do until I stop and think about. Of course, having a blog to record most of it in print and pics doesn't hurt either. I hope 2012 is just as fun and exciting for you.

  12. I expect to see you trying for bonefish in 2012. ;)

  13. FR ~ It is amazing! You get rolling and so preoccupied with the busy life...But, I am now in the process of having my year published by Blogger. A wonderful memory book! Happy New Year and GO RED WINGS!! Thanks for your support.

  14. Owl ~ If I could afford a trip to Belize and hire a guide...DONE! But, I would honestly rather go to five other places for the same amount of money. Hmmm...Idaho Lotto? Thanks again for hosting a wonderful trip out.

  15. A fine trip down memory lane. It has been a lot of fun getting to know over the course of the last year! Hopefully there is a trip planned this way for 2012, would love to see you again.

    Happy New Years!

  16. Well, Sanders...Right now it is looking like May for a return trip...maybe a mini Frenzy???