Friday, January 14, 2011

Look Where I Will Be...

Yes, I do own a pair of ski pants just like those...but, I promise, it's not me!  We are just a few weeks away from some real fun...Check out where I will be volunteering for a whole week!  Really, it could be worse...

Each year, I take a week off work and use one week of vacation to...well, work!  Ha.

                                                   THIS WOULD BE ME!!!

Here's a picture from last year.  There's nothing like the Aerials...and being a chopper"! I'm chopping air pockets with my shovel that are 2-3 feet deep in the mountain to soften the impact of the athlete's fall (when there is one, which is 1/3 the time)...a real workout!  But, something very much needed for this competition!!

And if I'm not too tired after my shift, it's on over to the Provo River to cast a few flies in the water...Well, it's only ten min. down the road... ; )  Wouldn't you? 

                                               Oh No!!! Now he's following me!

And him too?


  1. Very cool when you get to "work" doing things you love. I always incorporate fishing into my work...just not now!

    Damsel, maybe Rodney wants to go skiing...

  2. You know, I never thought of Rodney being a "cool" dude...As long as he isn't trying to trip me up...he can follow me to ALTA tomorrow.
    But, he better be on his best behavior!

  3. yo I just seen some little fish swim by the ridge if anyone gives a hoot.. ya know that blue one, off to the south.

    have fun in the snow!

  4. Very nice! that will be awesome :)

  5. Darn it...I just found another picture! Oh well...but, it is proof that I did have a shovel in hand!!

  6. I was so all into this post. Until I saw....HIM.

  7. Gotta watch out for that feathered guy too...

  8. Hey - where did you get a pic of my friend Rufus T.? :) lol As we say here in the South RD, " You ain't right." ;)