Friday, May 13, 2022

Time Flies...

When time flies, that means that we are having too much fun or just way too busy.  Have you ever thought about that?  Maybe both are true in my case.  There have been those weeks of too much work and those days of too much fun with family or fish.  That might not make a whole lot of sense, but in my world, it does.  I try to get it all in.  And sometimes I put myself on overload.  Let's talk fish, why don't we?  This used to be a fly fishing blog...  Hope everyone is doing well.

Here are a few trout that graced my net.

And good friends to fish and share an adventure with...

And from my oldest son's wedding last month..  We were able 
to show Aurelia around Salt Lake City.  She is from Prague, Czech Republic!
Such a sweet addition to our family.

So, that is some of what has been going on around here before I realized it was May!!!

Tulips.  My favorite.


Sunday, January 9, 2022

RD & Friends 2021

 What a year 2021 was.  I started with thumb surgery and ended with "frozen shoulders".  But, in between, it was pretty darn good year with my fishies.  I was able to go all over the West and catch some amazing fish.  Great memories with special friends that make the adventure even more fun.  My bonus this year was getting out on the water with my two sons.  Seeing them with a fly rod, even though it might not be a regular thing, was super gratifying and special to me. Thanks for following along and sharing my passion of fly fishing.  =)

Tuesday, November 30, 2021


With not feeling my best, now it's time to rest.  Nice rhyme.  I have a hard time giving up my fall fishing days.  So, now we go to doctor #3 this week and see if we can get some answers.  I've had bicep pain in both arms for eight weeks.  It's just not getting any better.  Something tells me it is not related to fishing.
The gym eight week ago, possibly?  Haven't been back.

I met up with Holly and Jared this past week.  We had a great fishing day on the Snake River in Idaho.  The fish were feisty and several runs delivered for me.  I wasn't feeling a lot of energy within me that day, so I found some nice big rocks to sit on in between catches.   Rainbows and more rainbows graced our nets.  

As Holly and Jared bounced around from spot to spot, I finally settled into a comfortable run that delivered for several hours.  I  don't usually stay put that long, but it was hard to say goodbye to fish that were sipping emergers in front of me!
  Do you blame me?

I threw on a size 20 midge emerger.  I had been streamer fishing until then.  But, when the midge hatch is going and you see dark bodies of fish a foot under the water, you switch.  And they gave me enough bends in my rod to make me happy.

You thought that this was going to be a Thanksgiving recap on our Butterball turkey, didn't you?  Hahahaha.  Nope, Snake River Butterballs.  =)

Holly gave me her favorite bread recipe years ago.  She also makes amazing jam.  Got to keep her around.  Wink wink.  She is a trooper to put up with my shenanigans.  As I was almost laying on the water getting a video of a fish release, she started reeling up her line to run down the river and help me as she thought that I had fallen.  Lol. 
 No, Holly, not this time!  =)

As my last fish gave me a wave goodbye, I counted my blessings this day.  I am truly blessed with a great family, amazing friends, a wonderful job, and so many tremendous days on the water this year.

"The Wave"

Thursday, September 30, 2021

The Wydaho Adventure

My last adventure with my friend, Clairey, was before the pandemic of 2020 that started in 2019.   Good grief.  Well, I ended up driving to Wyoming to spend a post birthday trip weekend with her and her family in August.  They really showed this girl a good time.  Great friends, fish and food always make a good trip.  I do not like hot summer weather.  So, I headed out to find some cooler fishing days that the Jackson Hole area has.  The frost on my car the next day told me that I was in the right place!

I love Wyoming.  I think that most of my best friends know that.  Well, here's another reason.

Surprise!  Yes, it is a grocery store.  I thought that I was in heaven.  And I hadn't even been to the river yet.  Haha.  This is not just your every day grocery chain.  There are only a handful of these in Idaho and Wyoming, I believe.  And yes, I have requested that they come to Utah.  The best deli and bakery that I have ever seen in a market.  Needless to say, we stopped every morning that I was there. =)  Yummy doughnuts for breakfast and the BEST sandwiches for lunch.  
The fruit and veggie trays were better than the ones we have.  Haha. I'm so weird. 

Ok.  Let's get back to fishing with Clairey, Cody, and Tanner.  

Two days of floating on the SF of the Snake.  It was a bit slow, but we still got into fish.  And the snacks and lunch were... well, you know.  Broulim's best!!! Haha.

We also had a great meal after fishing.  A bit of seafood flare at the Snake River Roadhouse Grill in Swan Valley, Idaho.  I couldn't believe how this boy of theirs could eat!  Cody and Tanner were braver than me.  I'm not into the fancy appetizers.  


Calamari, mussels, and clams???  They seemed to enjoy it.
My hamburger was great.  =)

We hit a dry fly paradise on the third day.  One of my favorite spots just because of the trees.

Clairey found one of the best cutts in the river...

A beauty!!!

And I released a few myself...

At night, I played cards with Tanner.  He beats me every trip. Haha.

These two are special friends.  Such great people who go all out for you to have a good time.
I cherish our times together and to think that I wouldn't have met them if it wasn't for fly fishing.

There was one more stop on my way home.

I was sure that David would want me to bring home a cheesecake  a couple pieces of cheesecake.  

Bye for now, Wydaho!!! You treated me well...

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Declutter and Simplify - Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style


So often times, we find ourselves sifting through a mess to find one little thing.  It could be that size AAA battery that you thought was in the junk drawer or that one size 18 pheasant tail that you know is in the bottom of your pack somewhere.  Why do we lose these little things?  Because we didn't put them in the right spot in the first place.  They should have gone into a container or box.  Not loose with everything else.  I have found myself in this situation way too often.  So, it is time to declutter and simplify again.  When it is too hot to go outside and fish, I often opt for cleaning out my fly fishing pack and organizing things.  That way, I am ready to go out next time.  I just hate it when I cannot find something and waste time looking for it.  Same goes with my closet.  I just have too much of everything!  Here is what I propose.  And you can join me if you wish...

30 bags in 30 days!!!

(Or 10 bags in 30 days...

A couple bags a week)

Okay.  You can start with smaller bags, but fill one trash bag each day.  Maybe a kitchen size if you want to go smaller.   Now go to one section of the house and start throwing out what you really have not used or worn in a long time.  Why are you holding on to it?  Do you think that you might fit into that pair of pants next year?  I recently bagged up clothes that have sat for a few years.  It just makes sense for someone else to get some use out of them.  Donate!!

~Sunday Tippets~

When you declutter and simplify your belongings, you have more space.  You also have more peace of mind and less anxiety about where things are.  You can now organize the more important things that remain.   

Take a breath and look around.  It will feel great.  I promise.

Have a great week!